6 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rates


Poor conversion rates will drag your bottom line down. So even if you’re getting phenomenal traffic to your site, that won’t mean a thing if your conversion rates stay in the pits.
Here’s what you can do to improve revenue to your site:


  1. Excite them

    Ditch boring copy for one that resonates with your target audience. You’ll need to do proper research to get this done. Determine your target market and you’ll have a better idea how to come up with a winning marketing strategy.

  2. Put in reviews

    These days, it’s almost standard operating procedure for anyone to go online and read up on product, service or company reviews before they hire a service, order pizza or pick a book on the best-sellers’ list. So if you want to make sure your customers find you and your products, make it easy for them. Get your products/services reviewed on platforms and sites. That’s going to help increase consumer trust in your products and services, leading to higher conversion and sales.
    90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

  3. Improve your calls to action

    Content, good content, includes effective calls to action. This is where you ask your customers to sign up, call your number or pay for a service or product. Without an effective call to action, says Inc., you’re missing the opportunity to reach out to your audience and boost their buying tendencies.                                                                                                         

  4. Great content

    Some sites focus too much on visuals that they forget about the copy. Remember that compelling copy is key to making customers say yes to what you’re selling. So make sure to strike a balance between copy and visuals. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice one for the other and lose potential customers in the process. 

  5. Clear up the clutter

    Adding landing pages are great. But only if they work. So get rid of all the clutter on your landing pages. Design those pages in a way that helps your customers focus on a single action. If they get distracted by a CTA, you could easily lose a potential sale.

  6. Fix those images

    Low resolution images are hardly the best way to get customers to your pages. If your images are blurry, they’re not going to do much to engage, much less attract, customers to your pages. Always use hi-resolution images instead.

There are plenty of ways you can turn your conversion around. For more information, and to increase your conversion rates, send us an email at letstalk@cnrdigital.com.

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